This website was designed and built from scratch on top of the VanillaJS framework using Typescript and Sass, with Zola to tie it all together.

Most of the iconography is my fault, but the social icons are all from Andreas Larsen’s ‘web.svg.min’ project. All code syntax-highlighting is done in the gruvbox theme.

The site is running an open-source privacy-respecting traffic analytics service from https://www.goatcounter.com/.

You may notice that navigating between pages doesn’t incur full page loads across links; this feature takes a heavy dose of inspiration from Turbolinks.

Also,   I first encountered this particular margin-note design on Eugene Wei's blog, so credit is due there as well. .

For fun, you can explore what this site looks like with javascript and/or stylesheets disabled  Technically, there's still a little bit of JS code running when scripts are "disabled." This is necessary both for faithfully emulating a true noscript environment and for allowing visitors to re-enable scripts. :

Many thanks to everyone who offered initial design feedback or CSS help ❤️

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